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14.09.2013 20:06


To European National Committees

Dear Presidents and Dear Members of National Committees in Europe,

First of all I want to wish you a Fruitful and Productive new school year.


I was really happy to meet some of you in Shanghai. The World Assembly and Congress were really excellent. We are grateful to China Committee for its efforts. As you already know, Maggie Koong, who was our treasurer, was elected unanimously as new President of OMEP (2014-2017). Mercedes Mayol Lassalle was elected as Vice President for Latin America. We congratulate both of them. I have to say that World Assembly applauded extremely warmly Ingrid for her efforts during the years of her service. For the minutes of the European Meeting see below.


Current issues

  1. Website

Please, visit the address . This is our website. Notice that this address is not permanent. One of my students has helped me to build this site. I need your comments before booking the permanent address. I would like also to check the information of your country and suggest me any corrections.

  1. Time to act

I would like to remind you the mail which was send to you on 22nd of July 2013. It concerns especially the Committees of the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey & United Kingdom.

I do know that some countries like Bulgaria and UK have done some work on it. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any information or possible support. I would be very grateful if you inform me about your acts.

  1. Next Conferences and Regional Meetings

In 2014 there will be not a Regional Conference since the World Assembly and Conference is in our region. Please, visit the website and spread the information in your country.

Following the discussion taken place in Zagreb I discussed the possibility of hosting the European Regional Meeting and Conference for 2015 with French, Spanish and Russian Committees. The President of Russian Committee, Russian President, Larisa Paramonova, has expressed its willingness to organize it in spring 2015 in Russia. We are really happy for this.

  1. Videos

Following the suggestion to make some movies in order to show our work and attract new members I have made two short movies: one for Zagreb and one for Shanghai. Please, visit the following:


-  Shanghai:

This is my first time to make such a work and I would appreciate your comments.

I will try to make a video on our history, too.

  1. European Project

Please, notice that the European Project on multicultural education is open to any country interested in joining. Promote it in your country and support participation.

  1. Participation

The world President ask us to participate in the UNISCO Questionnaire. Please, visit the website:

Also, Lisbetth Söderberg ask us to reply the questions for the Decade for ESD.

  1. Please, remind our decision for establishing a strong partnership with a less prosperous country in Africa or elsewhere and work on that. The need is urgent.
  1. Slovakian National Committee celebrates its 20 years anniversary by organizing a Conference in Kosice on 11 to 13 of October. Next week, 18-20 October, Greek National Committee organizes its Conference on Personal and Social Development in Early Childhood. Warm wishes to both Committees.


With my warmest regards and looking forward to hearing your news

Nektarios Stellakis

Vice President of OMEP for Europe